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Arnprior Lions Club Jail or Bail 2024

June 22, 2024, at Arnprior Giant Tiger Parking Lot

Donate Now to Free or Jail Our Local Heroes!

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On June 22nd, the Arnprior Lions Club is having a Jail or Bail event! Our Mayor Lisa McGee and Fire Chief Rick Desarmia, with Sparky the Mascot, have been accused of funny charges by Judge Ray. They need your help to raise bail or they'll stay in jail! Will you help free them or keep them locked up?

Fire Chief Rick Desarmia and Sparky

Fire Chief Rick Desarmia and Sparky are also in jail! Help them raise their bail so they can get back to work, or keep them in longer!

Support Your Favorite Local Heroes!

Up to 30 of Arnprior’s important people are also going to jail! Click on their names to donate and help them.

100% of all money raised goes back into the community

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